SLS in the News


SLS attorneys Jim Myers and Rachael Longhofer defended a radiologist in a jury trial in the District Court of Johnson County, Kansas in May 2019. SLS’s client reviewed a screening mammogram of plaintiff in 2016. Plaintiff’s previous mammograms revealed a history of dense breast tissue and scattered but stable calcifications. SLS’s client noted the issues with the dense breast tissue and calcifications, but categorized the 2016 mammogram as benign. Approximately 13 months later, plaintiff had another annual screening mammogram that showed the presence of a cancerous mass in her right breast. Plaintiff claimed the cancer was present in 2016 and that the radiologist represented by SLS was negligent in not seeing the cancer on the earlier mammogram. Plaintiff asked the jury for $638,000 in damages. After 5 days of trial, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of SLS’s client.