SLS in the News


SLS Attorney, Gregory P. Forney, defended a Chiropractor in a jury trial in Jackson County, Missouri in January 2020.  Plaintiff went to the Chiropractor with complaints of a pinched nerve in her arm causing pain and numbness.  Plaintiff claimed that, as a result of the Chiropractor’s “rough” adjustment, it further damaged her herniated disc resulting in a need for neck fusion surgery to alleviate the pressure on her nerve root.  On behalf of the SLS client, it was proven to the jury that Chiropractic care was safe, gentle and effective and did not cause any increased injury to a suspected herniated cervical disc.  The defense further argued that plaintiff was likely a surgical candidate before she came to the Chiropractor to alleviate her ongoing neck pain.  After a 5-day trial, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of SLS’s client.