SLS in the News


SLS attorney Jim Myers, with the assistance of attorney Scott Waddell of the Waddell Law Firm, represented Timothy Kramer in a lawsuit alleging legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty and battery against a Troy, Missouri attorney and her law firm.  The suit stemmed from the lawyer’s representation of Mr. Kramer in a 2014 lawsuit regarding the licensing rights to a patent owned by Mr. Kramer. During the underlying lawsuit, the defendant lawyer filed a last minute motion to continue a hearing on a Motion for Default Judgment, but failed to appear at the hearing claiming she had other things to do. To make matters worse, the defendant lawyer told Mr. Kramer, who did appear at the hearing on his own behalf, that he should not  participate in his own defense if the Court denied her last-minute Motion for Continuance. The underlying Court denied the Motion for Continuance, entered a $4.9 million judgment against Mr. Kramer and awarded ownership of Mr. Kramer’s Patent to his former business associate.

After the malpractice lawsuit was filed, the defendant lawyer attacked and assaulted her former client, Mr. Kramer, at a New Year’s Eve party.  SLS attorney Jim Myers was able to obtain a unanimous 12-0 jury verdict in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri. The jury awarded SLS’ client $2,463,354 on the malpractice claim, $35,000 on the breach of fiduciary duty claim, and $50,000 (including $40,000 of punitive damages) on the battery claim. The total value of the jury’s verdict was $2,548,354.